Built-in & Walk-in Wardrobe

Let us utilize the space in your bedroom and build a Built-in or Walk-in wardrobe.

Your wardrobe, we will maximize the space and build it to your specific requirements. With so many different options your wardrobe will be custom designed the way you want it.

Close off your wardrobe with either sliding or hinged doors. We can customize these doors to incorporate mirrors, glass, or a timber feel.

Don’t want doors? Our walk-in wardrobes are a great alternative to open wardrobes! Upgrade your shelving to a custom Polytec colour. The large variety of Polytec colours will give you many options to make your wardrobe stand out and enhance the look of your home. Another custom option we can offer is to contrast the edging of all the timber to a distinct colour of your choice. This is a cost-effective option and will give your wardrobe a twist of its own, making your bedroom look sophisticated and unique.